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8-Year-Old Boy Saves Pennies For Four Years, Gets Service Dog

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Enterprising Aiden Heath did not take his Type One Diabetes diagnosis lying down. When the doctors told him four years ago, he was already thinking ahead. After learning that dogs could be trained to help monitor glucose levels, sensing issues as early as 20-30 minutes before an electronic monitor would, he decided he wanted one.

The catch? They cost about $15,000.

Undeterred and with mom Jenni’s encouragement, Aiden began saving pennies.

Around the time he hit the $6,000 mark, the media got wind of the little boy’s efforts and his story went viral. Nearly overnight, donations poured in from across the nation and Aiden had raised more than $20,000. They put a deposit down on a beautiful chocolate Lab named Angel and waited while the pup was trained for her new job — keeping tabs on her through photos and videos.

Angel is giving Aiden newfound independence. His mother is enjoying newfound peace of mind. Photo: Jenni Heath


This week, after four years, Aiden’s wish came true and Angel came home to Vermont to stay. The pair are getting to know one another while a trainer shows Aiden how to work with her.

Jenni told news outlets that her son is “over the moon” having his new dog and is enjoying the new-found independence. She, on the other hand, loves the peace of mind that Angel gives her, knowing she will be on hand to keep Aiden healthy.

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