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Abandoned Dog Tossed over Fence with Bound Legs Recovers

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This past November, a beautiful and friendly dog, now named Oatmeal, was found inside the fenced yard of an AT&T building in Rosamond, California. The dog had her legs bound together and it is believed she was thrown over the fence and left to die by her previous owner(s). Luckily she was found and rescued.

Oatmeal while being treated at the hospital. Photo Credit: Kern County Animal Services.

The two-year-old dog was found with various deep wounds on her legs and severely underweight. She was rushed to Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital and Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue stepped up to help her heal.

According to a press release by Kern County Animal Services, the dog’s condition was concerning, but they are positive that with time and proper care, Oatmeal would make a full recovery.

“We [were] very concerned that anyone would leave a dog in this condition, let alone take the time to tie up her back legs and toss her into a confined space and pretty much leave her to die,” said Shyanne Schull, director of Kern County Animal Services. “We are asking the public to help us find the person who did this so that we see justice served for Oatmeal.”

Oatmeal when found. Photo Credit: Kern County Animal Services.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue has placed Oatmeal under foster care and she is now recovering.

“She is healing, recuperating and falling in love!” Marley’s Mutts posted on their Facebook Page.

Oatmeal is not ready for adoption yet, but there are many interested parties.

Authorities are please asking anyone with information about Oatmeal’s mistreatment and abandonment to email the department at [email protected] or call 868-7100.

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