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Rescue Dog No One Wanted Gets New Life as an Arson Detective

Partners: K9 Officer Axe’s official graduation portrait. Photo: NY Governor’s Office ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— It took a long time for Axe to find the place where he belonged. As a puppy, he spend long, sad days tied up outside a home in the Carolinas. And even after he was rescued, the Lab mix bounced from home to…

Being Bridget: The Blond Bomber

Being Bridget. The Blond Bomber disaster-on-four-legs, accident-waiting-to happen has done it again. Creative Ice Wrap for Injured Shoulder What has she done? Given her Mom yet another heart attack, in a recent event we could have lived without. The picture above kinda sums it all up, woeful looking labbie with ice wrapped onto her shoulder. I…