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Perfect Read for Dog Lovers: LET ME TELL YOU ABOU JASPER… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog

Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on Fox, has shared on the air a peak into the joy that is her dog, Jasper. Just in time for the holiday season, her new book,  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JASPER… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog, has just been released. This delightful read is filled with heartfelt, relate-able stories…

Triathlons! A Fun Outlet for Super-Energetic Pups!

———————————————————————————————————————————————————- We see it all the time, sometimes in hilarious glad-it-isn’t-me videos, other times in our own homes. Energetic dogs who aren’t getting enough exercise utterly trashing the place. Emily Thomas’ husky-collie mix, Tegan, was precisely one of those dogs. She’d wreck the house while Emily was at work. Emily found that taking Tegan for…

Dog May Have Saved Groomer’s Life Following Seizure

Henderson and Bella. Photo: Austin Anthony/Daily News via AP ————————————————————————————————————————————– Bella the chocolate Lab, 6, has been hailed as a hero after spending the night with the unconscious body of her groomer/caretaker after the woman had a severe seizure, then alerting a morning passerby that something was wrong. Bella is a regular client of Shannon…