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Poop Shaming: A Trend To Encourage Responsible Dog Ownership?

Photo: The Express————————————— It’s the law in most places: pick up after your dog or face fines. Problem is, of course, enforcement is largely non-existent. And really, don’t our civil servants have better things to do than police grown-ups who should know better? Failing to pick up after dogs isn’t a pet peeve restricted to…

Michelson Found Animals Launches the Third Annual Saving Pets Challenge!

Michelson Found Animals has just launched the third annual Saving Pets Challenge.  It’s a special shelter and rescue fundraiser that helps out many good causes across the country.  Every shelter and rescue taking part gets funding, and the top three fundraisers get special prizes.  You can get more info on the challenge from the press…

Man’s Best Colleague: Study Reveals Ideology on Pets in the Workplace

Photo: ABC/Emma Younger———————————– How many of us would find greater enjoyment in going to the office if we could bring our dogs along with? We’d bet the farm the bulk of our followers would answer with a resounding “YES!” regardless of their age, but a new Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer stufy by Banfield Pet Hospital has…