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Huge Inflatable Poo Sends Message To Dog Owners in Spain

The hashtag reads #nomascacas. And Spanish fluency is hardly required for an accurate translation. The town of Torreldones has taken a whimsical approach in encouraging its dog-owning citizens to do the neighborly thing and clean up after their pooches, installing a giant inflatable poop to get the message across. Angel Guiraos, town council spokesman of…

Dog May Have Saved Groomer’s Life Following Seizure

Henderson and Bella. Photo: Austin Anthony/Daily News via AP ————————————————————————————————————————————– Bella the chocolate Lab, 6, has been hailed as a hero after spending the night with the unconscious body of her groomer/caretaker after the woman had a severe seizure, then alerting a morning passerby that something was wrong. Bella is a regular client of Shannon…