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Getting Those Spring Cleaning Urges? Good. Now Here’s What To Do

Photo: World Inside Pictures ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Spring has sprung.  Well, at least it is supposed to have sprung and depending on where you may live, it either has or it hasn’t.  Still, according to the calendar, spring is here.  Visions of blooming irises and ranunculas come to mind.  Picnics. Longer days.  And, everyone’s favorite, spring cleaning!  Okay,…

Hike Doggie Hauls Your Mutt to the Mountains

Photo: Seth A. McConnell/YourHub———————————- Colorado dogs, much like many Colorado people, are leveled-up when it comes to fitness and the great outdoors. So it’s not surprising that for some folks, simple “doggie daycare” providers aren’t enough for their special pets. Enter Hike Doggie, a company that’s happy to take your pooch out for a leash-walked…

Fur Your Information

How well do you think you could identify different coats of dogs? Well, the folks at The Animal Rescue Site have created a fun little challenge that will let you see how well you know your dogs.  Fifteen coats for fifteen breeds, some are definitely easier than others.  But this raises a question about dog…