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Sniffing out C. diff: Angus’ super nose tracks down superbugs!

View More: Health News|Live News|More News Videos Dogs have been sniffing out danger for people since the human-canine relationship began eons ago. These days, dogs work alongside humans in all kinds of situations — whether detecting bombs in military roles, keeping servicemen and women safe, preventing contraband from making it through airport security, even sniffing…


Skunked! Now What?

If your dog has never been skunked, consider yourself lucky.  Not only is the smell horrendous, but it can also be long-lasting.  Six months long-lasting.  And this is the time of year when it seems most pets get sprayed. Several summers ago, I let my dogs Orion and Muscles out around midnight or so.  I’m…


“I’m Not Fat, I’m Big Boned!” Study Says Labrador Genetics Linked to Obesity

Lab owners woeful about their pets’ propensity toward pudginess may not be entirely to blame, it turns out. This immensely popular breed, it turns out, may be genetically predisposed to becoming overweight. When a veterinary surgeon and geneticist who had studied human obesity and its link to genetics decided to conduct similar research on Labrador…