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Cottages, Not Cages! Check out Oregon’s Luvable Dog Rescue

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Luvable Dog Rescue’s cottages make for lower-stress environments for its residents. Photo: Luvable Dog Rescue


Okay, shelter life isn’t ideal, but we’d all agree it’s better than a life on the street or worse. But the accommodations at Eugene, OR’s Luvable Dog Rescue are so sweet, we kind of want to move in!

Dogs here live out their pre-forever home time in lovely little cottages, not cages! In fact, they’re even decorated and furnished to give the dogs home-like environments while they wait for their eventual adoption day. Not only are these cozy spaces far less stressful for shelter animals, they allow staffers to observe their behavior in home-esque settings.This means potential adopters will know more about each dog’s temperament and better weigh a given animal’s fit into their family.

These cushy digs allow staffers to observe the dogs in a more home-like environment. Photo: Luvable Dog Rescue


The rescue, which sits on 55 beautiful acres, offers woodsy environments, hiking trails and meadows, all of which are utilized. Luvable’s residents get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, told PupJournal that she has always been drawn to pit bulls, even as a young girl. Her first foray into rescue came as a foster parent and over time, that interest in helping rehome deserving dogs grew into a full-time career. While Luvable is known for its rescue efforts with pitties, they have all different breeds of dogs up for adoption all the time.

With a woodsy Oregon setting, the dogs here get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Photo: Luvable Dog Rescue


In addition to the cottages, Wilhardt’s new addition of a “pit bull palace” for larger dogs has been a hit with residents and she hopes to one day add a maternity ward for pregnant mamas and their pups.

Wilhardt told PupJournal that their goal is to make each dog’s stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible. She hopes that “those who have lost their families, or ‘pack,’ or have never had one, can finally feel a sense of belonging there.”

Check out Luvable Dog Rescue’s Facebook page here.

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