Opal Thinks She’s This Kitten’s Mom!

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From the moment Opal met tiny little Roxxy, she was obsessed. Photo: Macy Thorne


Six-year-old Opal was adopted from her owners’ local shelter after they’d fostered her for a few weeks and fell in love.

“She loves being petted,” Macy Thorne, Opal’s mom, told The Dodo. “When you try to stop petting her she’ll paw at you and lay her head in your hand.”

They were so happy with Opal (and keen on adopting) that it wasn’t long before they began to consider bringing a kitten into the fold — only they weren’t sure how Opal would react. Opportunity to test the waters presented itself when Thorne’s sister’s boyfriend needed someone to cat-sit his six-week-old kitten, Roxxy.

“We weren’t entirely sure how Opal would react to the kitten,” Thorne said. “We have no idea of Opal’s past before the shelter and had no way of knowing if she would be okay with cats.”

Any fears they may have had evaporated quickly.

Opal’s owner says she went into “mommy mode” immediately. Photo: Macy Thorne


When Roxxy first arrived, Opal barely noticed (she was pretty excited just greeting all the new people!). Then Roxxy let out a loud meow. And from that moment on, her parents noted, Opal became obsessed with the tiny ball of floof.

“Opal loved Roxxy from the minute she saw her,” Thorne said. “She immediately went into Mommy mode. Opal kept trying to clean her, pick her up, followed Roxxy everywhere she went.”

Little Roxxy was a little unsure at first; she had never met a dog before, but Opal soon won her over with her constant love and attention. A good thing, too, as Opal refuses to let the kitten out of her sight and treats her like her own baby.

Although Roxxy won’t be a permanent resident, Opal’s mom and dad believe they’ll be lifelong friends. And now they feel confident that if the do decide to bring a kitten into the household that Opal will be the best fur sibling in the world.

Opal’s family is quite confident that she will accept a kitten into the house with open paws! Photo: Macy Thorne

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