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Senior Dog Gets to Pick Out Her Very First Toy Ever!

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Katarina may be getting up there in years, but according to her family, she’s every bit as sprightly and youthful as anyone could imagine.  And though you’d be hard pressed to tell by looking at her today, this little dog didn’t have the greatest start in life.  Regardless, her new family is showing her just how great life can be.

Katarina spent most of the beginning ten years of her life cooped up in a tiny cage and unable to even just turn around.  She was the victim of over-breeding at a puppy mill, and was rescued with the help of Hub City Humane Society in Mississippi.

Even though nothing will get Katarina her first ten years back, there’s nothing that says that someone can’t make her remaining years full of love, compassion and fun!  That’s where Ashleigh Reader comes in.  Reader is Katarina’s new human mom, and promises to show her all of life’s pleasures.

“She has the sweetest personality regardless of everything that she’s been through,” Reader said to The Dodo.  “When I picked her up, she was obsessing over any toy she saw, so I figured she would want her very own toys.  We went straight from there to Petsmart.

Reader also shared this video of Katarina, getting to pick out her first ever toy:

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