Survey Says… Dog Owners are Dynamos!

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Photo: Flickr/Don DeBold


Want more motivation to exercise? Get a dog!

A recent study conducted by Purina found that 85 percent of pet owners find exercising way more enjoyable with a pet along for the activity. In fact, dog owners are twice as likely to enjoy a weekly outdoor run and twice as likely to track their steps!

So, if you’re one of those people who thinks that diets only start on Mondays or new workout regimens are for new-year’s resolutions, change your attitude! Perhaps all you need do is visit your local shelter and find a new friend.

Photo: Flickr/Konstantin Zamkov


You can save a life while the dog improves the quality (and healthfulness) of yours! Read on for a few more findings:

72 percent of pet owners believe that exercising with their pets brings them closer together.

Pets are the workout partner of choice amond dog owners! Friends and significant others are also-rans by comparison….

Photo: Flickr/nick RHYDER


Pet lovers credit their animals with making them want to stay active! How many of those surveyed participate in the following activities at least weekly?

Walking: 66 percent
Fetch: 55 percent
Jogging: 31 percent
Hitting the dog park: 28 percent

Dog owners are more motivated to exercise than their petless counterparts: 65 percent vs. 18 percent.

Get a pet! 55 percent of owners say they’d recommend adopting a furry companion to stay more active.

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