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Vet at Emergency Clinic Saves Badly Sliced Up Dog

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In Port Richey, Florida, a vet at a 24-hour emergency clinic saved the life of a badly cut up dog that was brought in by animal control.  The dog is expected to fully recover, but it took Doctor Vicki Salton quite a bit of suture to stich the poor dog up.  Pasco County Police and animal control are investigating.

Doctor Salton and her team used about nine feet of suture to stitch poor Zipper, as he is now knows, back together.  He had many deep cuts and slashes on him that required a lot of work to clean and close up.

When asked about Zipper’s current state, Doctor Salton says that he is a very docile guy.  He also seems to be quite afraid of people, and with something like this happening to him it isn’t hard to see why.

Right now, not much more information is known about Zipper or his past.  The Pasco County Sheriff’s office and animal control will be investigating.

For now, Zipper is resting and recovering comfortably at the emergency clinic.  He is expected to make a full recovery, and hopefully will find a suitable forever home someday.

Stay tuned to for more information as it’s reported.

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